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PraxisGroup International Language AKADEMEIA is a test-preparation and college placement academy that has been helping students meet and exceed test-score requirements for colleges and universities since 2007. The trained specialists at PGILA have been helping students pass seemingly impossible tests– The Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT), American College Testing (ACT), and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT) with scores respected by universities. Our objective is to empower our students to achieve scores that will earn them scholarships and to give them choices of the best colleges and universities in the United States, and we do everything in our power to assist in the admissions process.

Years ago, one of our students said it plainly, “All PGILA students go to university.”

Over the past ten years, PGILA has become a well respected test preparation and college placement academy where students greatly increase their test scores in a relatively short time. Today, we continue to use proven methods that have been developed by teaching hundreds of students of every academic level in the our classrooms. More importantly though, while empowering our students to earn high test scores, we teach them the study skills necessary to become successful in university as well as in life. We believe that it is not enough for our students to simply get into a university or college of their choice, they must graduate with either a career in place or running a successful business of their own.

At PGILA, we understand that, While the traditional method of tutoring has been to re-drill the academic content that students should already know, simply understanding the content isn’t enough for a student to improve their score because these tests are designed to be very confusing, the information misleading, and choices that “seem” correct are often wrong.

The PGILA difference is that we not only refresh our student’s understanding of basic reading comprehension, grammar and math skills, we teach our students the structure and rules the tests are based on, how to simplify the questions to make them easy to understand, how to exactly identify what rules the questions are testing, and how to eliminate wrong choices using a specific process of elimination for those questions that have no right answer. By using these methods a student can improve continuously as they practice. Furthermore, the methods and study skills that we teach our students are transferable to other tests that they will be taking in university so that they may earn high grades and continue to receive scholarships!

Using differentiated instruction, we use “guided practice” to describe and demonstrate how the methods and procedures must be applied to each problem type to work effectively and consistently. Then, using “independent practice”, students test individually to determine how well they understand the methods and procedures. We return to guided practice when scoring tests and going over the questions types our students are having difficulty with and determine what procedures they have skipped or did not understand, make the necessary corrections and then return to independent practice. We instruct and practice until our students can raise their scores by 100 points in each section consistently. The more they practice the better they do. On average, PGILA students increase their SAT scores by 300-500 points overall on the SAT, and 3 – 8 points on the ACT. Our foreign students average a score of over 100 on their TOEFL iBT with a starting score of 65!

PGILA has also proven to be a valuable resource for college placement services. After passing the standardized tests, students are also encouraged to meet with Dr. Lizzie Gonzales-Hearn, who knows just how to match students with a college or university suitable to their academic and professional goals. Through the College Placement Program at PGILA, specialists assist students in completing the application process while looking for eligible grants and scholarships that make education more affordable.

To date, all previous Praxis students are either attending a college or university, or are preparing to graduate high school and then attend their selected college or university.

Please feel free to visit our testimonials page for more information about these students and their training.

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