PGILA is offers a service that focuses on the student’s natural abilities and helps them to improve those abilities while concentrating on taping into all other intelligences ( see Howard Gardner)and building their future.

Our specific purpose is to prepare our students for success in life beyond their time spent learning in a college or university. We know that College Placement isn’t just about picking a college or university that our students want to go to, filling out admissions applications and hoping for the best. We stress on assisting a student in finding the best college or university because the choiceis NOT based simply on academic achievements. There are many factors to be considered.

At PGILA we take into consideration EVERY aspect of making one of the most important decisions of a student’s life to assure their success. Although academic achievements, extracurricular activities and awards are an important part of deciding which college or university to attend, other factors such as cost, climate temperance and personality must also be considered; in addition to BLISS.

Think about it. If the school of choice is outside your budget, what are the chances of going? Also, having to get up in a wet or cold environment may make some students not want to go to class. On the other hand, if a student truly enjoys skiing in the winter, going to Georgia Tech or Florida State may be out? Also, if a student has difficulty making friends at a particular school, a lonely life can make for a miserable experience. Furthrmore, have you thought about what you like to do? What kind of life you woul like? What lifestyle, achievements and financial situation do you intend to have?

At PGILA, we take into consideration all aspects of college life to assure our students make the best choice and live the most successful life possible. Finally, we know that going to college or university is about more than getting an excellent education, it’s about growing up and making contacts that will lead to a lifetime of success.

Below is our 7 step process that ensures your success.

1. THE INITIAL INTERVIEW In the interview, the student reveals what type of career field they are considering as well as answers questions that will help narrow down and create a list of 10 possible colleges or universities they would like to attend and likely be accepted to. Topics Covered Include: • Individual Students Expectations • Family Expectations • Review Student’s Learning Profile • Discuss Programs Desired • Create List of Colleges or Universities Program participants must provide: • Current transcripts • All standardized test scores • Other test scores as needed • Completion of the College Placement agreement form.

2. DEVELOPMENT OF THE LIST During the second session, we review the student’s transcripts and narrow down their list to the 4 colleges or universities most likely to accept them, meet their career plan, and offer them a scholarship.

3. BEGIN APPLICATION PROCESS At this point we determine whether the student must complete an application for a specific college or university or complete the online “Common App”. We then assist students in completing the applications making sure every line is filled out correctly as any mistakes will likely cause delays in the process. We also discuss application essay topics and the editing procedures.

4. ESSAY DEVELOPMENT & EDITING The essay is perhaps the most difficult element of the application process for most students and the area where we spend the most effort in preparation and editing. Never underestimate the power of a well written essay. An impressive essay can mean the difference between acceptance to a college or university with scholarship or simply acceptance. At PGILA, we prefer “acceptance with scholarship”. Although we can’t guarantee acceptance with scholarship, we do know there is a formula to writing an essay that will likely earn our students scholarships and we assist our students in designing, wording and editing their essays according to this formula.

5. REVIEW APPLICATIONS Once the student has completed their essay to satisfaction we review their applications one final time to be sure that everything is complete, accurate and all required documentation is present. We also do the final polish to the essay.

6. INTERVIEW PREPARATION Some colleges or universities want to have an interview with the student. They often have questions that ask one thing but want to know another. In such cases we sit with the student and go over each question and discuss what the interviewer really wants to know and help the student formulate the best responses.

7. FOLLOW UP Once all applications, essays and transcripts are sent to the colleges or universities, we follow up with personal phone calls to the admissions officers of each to confirm everything was completed properly and was received before the deadline. Parents are given a full report including names and phone numbers of admissions officers contacted.


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