Intensive ACT Course – 16 or 20 Hours of Instruction (20 Hours Includes Instruction for the Essay Section)


The student taking this course typically has an ACT score of between 16 and 25 but needs to score a 26 or higher to qualify for scholarships.

Although our main goal is to build confidence and the abilities of our students to ensure their continued success, our goal in regards to test score is to empower our students to raise their ACT scores up to between 28 – 32 for maximum scholarship potential!

The average score improvement for a students who has taken a competitors course is -1 to +3.

However, although results vary depending on the students discipline to follow instruction and practice, the average score improvement of our students is 5 – 8 points using our proprietary methods and procedures that have been developed over the past 10 years through observations of our students. We use the structures and rules the ACT is based on and our students natural tendencies to instructs them in how to answer questions quickly and accurately.

Although the common perception of the ACT is that it is a very difficult test, the truth is that it may be the easiest test your son or daughter will ever take – WHEN THEY KNOW HOW TO TAKE IT !!!

The ACT is NOT a test of academic ability. It is a test of how well you know how to take the ACT.

Most of our work is done in class.

Each section is broken into two classes.

In the first class, students learn the structures of the section they are mastering and the most effective strategy for maximizing their score. They also learn specific rules and procedures for answering the questions of that section. Furthermore, while in class, students receive assisted practice using genuine ACT tests, then our students show us that they are capable of following the procedures and rules that they had just been taught. We perform enough practice in class to demonstrate how the rules and methods work and then our students must complete the practice test in preparation for the following class.

In the follow up class (the second class for each section), we will review the practice test done for homework. The procedures and rules will be reviewed and reinforced, and then another practice test will be taken in class to ensure that the student knows the procedures and rules and is capable of answering questions with 80 – 85% accuracy.

The fast-paced nature of this course lends itself to mastering the basics in an abbreviated time for learning and practicing outside of class for mastery through repetition.


Cost: $65 per hour ($130 paid at the end of each class)

Please inquire about group rates if you have 2 to 5 students.

Classes Include: 16 or 20 Hours of Classroom Instruction (Two classes Per Week @ 2 Hours Per Class for 4 or 5 Weeks), printed handouts explaining the methods, procedures and rules for each section, and follow up until the student is accepted to a college or university.

Don’t wait until the last minute! True learning takes time!!

Call William at 239-300-5039 to register today!

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