The TOEFL Master’s 40 Hour Complete TOEFL iBT Course

Taking the TOEFL iBT test is your first step to attending the college or university of your choice. Although many say that it is too difficult to earn a high score with a short class, I have literally hundreds of students who will testify that it works.
The TOEFL Master’s course is easy because it breaks the classes down into the four sections of the test, Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. In each section you will learn specific methods and strategies to earn a high score and then practice what you have learned in class on a computer taking Genuine ETS TOEFL iBT tests just as you will on the real test day.
Methods taught in the classes:
• Strategies for reading comprehension
• Understanding the questions
• Finding the information in the passage
• Eliminating wrong choices using P.O.E.

• Recognizing passage structures
• Listening for specific phrases
• Taking only the notes you need
• Knowing the questions
• Eliminating wrong choices using P.O.E.

• Familiarity with question types
• Rules used by graders
• Structures for giving high level responses
• Confidence in speaking well

• Familiarity with question types
• Rules used by graders
• Structures for writing high level responses

Class size is limited to five students.
Please call William at 720-684-8329 to register.


“Purdue University Inbox x Andre Larsen Jun 1, 2013 Estimada, Dra. Lizzy I just wanted to thank you for all your help with applying for all the universities. I have now began my university since the 13 of May and I honestly enjoy Purdue University. Sincerely, Andre Larsen”

” My toefl test was terrible because of my PC. I did well on the reading part but on the listening section, I lost several minutes due to technical problems. The machine froze but the time kept running. My score on the TOEFL is 99. I scored 29 on the reading part, 23 on the listening in spite of the minutes lost when the internet went down, 20 on the speaking and 27 on the writing. I´m retaking the test on january 30 because I need 100 or more for the university of toronto. I`ll be back in santa cruz on friday or saturday, so I can start the SAT course. I`ll call you when I´m back.” – Fernando Justiniano Lemaitre

“teacher!!! how are you doing!!!!! I am fine! everything is great!!! I have great news!! Tarija was incredible!! we had a really good time and laughs and everything …we met new people and made new friends…. another new is that i have my score…i thought it would be better but well,….i got a 90….is it ok? I have been looking for universities and I got a scholarship!!!!!!! not full but it helps a lot!!! I would be starting in june! but I am going to visit a cousin first!!! I am going into texas a&m -corpus crhisti!! do you know anything about that university??? And as the plans were, I am studying theater… Tell me what you think about it!!!! and teacher!!! I must say THANK YOU!!!!! for the agenda!!! I use it all the time!! take care teacher!! and say hi to your wife!” – Tania Monroy

” Hi william ;D about the test..mmm well, it didnt go as well as I expected- … i became my worst enemy :S ok the reading section was my disaster, at least the first lecture, then the hearing section went pretty well. ok know moving on to the speaking section— i didnt finished exercise five! i had to give my opinion but i extended too much on the problem and solutions that the minuted ended when i said ïn my opinion” 🙁 🙁 and because of that i rocked in the writing asigments heheheh at least thats my impresion 😉 in the end it was ok because i got a 108. – Isabella Medinaceli”

“This Class was extremely helpful to me and also helped me get into the college I was aiming for in the USA. Thank you!” – Sebastian Aguirre • Florida State University

“This class has really helped me a lot to improve my English fluency and to get a better grade in the TOEFL iBT. Before the course, I got a 86 in the FREE sample test, but with the help of Toeflmaster I was able to get 111 on test day and broadened my academic horizons as a result! I’m thankful for that… “- jorge andres justiniano nava (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

I encourage people that are planning to take the TOEFL iBT to take this course! Without any doubt, it helped me to get the score I wanted. I started from an almost basic level of English, but still I learned the procedures who helped me to get a very good score and also improve my English.. Thank you very much and again, I encourage you so hard to take this course because it really works! – Javier Ortiz Pereyra • Works at Bedford Golf and Tennis Club

Click on the image to purchase directly from

Click on the image to purchase directly from

The TOEFL iBT is a standardized test based on very specific structures and rules. Knowing these structures and rules enables students to earn high TOEFL scores. The TOEFL Master’s Guide is written in very straight forward, easy to understand English. It was written by instructors who are still in the classroom helping students get high scores in order to get accepted to the school of their choice with a SCHOLARSHIP!!
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