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The TOEFL iBT, or Test Of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Test, is a test that is required by universities from any student who’s native language is not English. Nearly 1,000,000 students take this test each year earning an average score of 68 out of a possible 120 points. This is no coincidence. The test is designed so that students earn an average score of 68 points. That’s a problem as most colleges and universities require a minimum score of 80 simply to apply and a score of 87 to be accepted. Most of the top ranking schools require a minimum score of 100 to apply and usually don’t accept students with scores under 108. If you are a student scoring a 68, what are the chances of you being accepted by a major university?

So, what are the alternatives? Most students attend ESL (Enlish as a Second Language) courses until they build their English proficiency. But, those courses are long, usually taking a year or more to complete, and are very expensive: often costing the same as regular university courses. The problem with ESL courses is that they still do not prepare a student to pass the TOEFL iBT. The TOEFL iBT is not just about your English abilities, and if you don’t know how to take the test, you have little hope of passing it!

BUT, don’t be discouraged because there IS a solution.

Knowing HOW to take the TOEFL iBT is the best way to pass it. The test has four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing, and each section is designed with specific structures and rules that you need to know to earn a high score. For example, the Reading section has either 4 or 5 reading passages that have 12 – 14 questions each. You may be given a “block” of 80 minutes to read 4  passages and answer all 49 questions. Think about it. That’s only 20 minutes to read each passage and answer all the related questions correctly!!

Furthermore, they may throw an “experimental” passage and related questions at you, in which case you will be given a block of 100 minutes to read five passages and answer the related questions. If you don’t pace yourself properly, you probably won’t even get to finish this section but will be scored on it anyway! You will likely earn a low score! If that isn’t hard enough, the questions are multiple choice and the passages are filled with information that makes wrong choices seem like right answers!

It is a similar situation with the Listening section. You will listen to conversations and lectures and then answer multiple choice questions. There will be either 6 or 9 conversations or lectures depending on whether or not ETS decides to give you an “experimental” section, and you will be given either 60 or 90 minutes to complete this section. I assure you that you must take accurate notes to answer these questions accurately in the time given!! But be careful because, if you take the wrong notes, you will make the wrong choices!

With the Speaking section, you may speak English fluently, but if you don’t answer the questions using the structure test graders are listening for . . . you will receive a low score!

It’s the same for the Writing section. It’s all about the STRUCTURE that ETS requires for responses. You can be a great writer and still receive a low score if you don’t use the proper structure!

At PGILA, we know how the test is designed as well as the structures and the rules that it is based on. With over 16,000 hours of tutoring experience AND writing several books on TOEFL iBT test taking methods, we teach our students EXACTLY how to answer the questions quickly and accurately. Within just 30 days, all of our students are mastering the skills and methods used to answer TOEFL iBT questions quickly and accurately – earning our students average scores of 90 points and higher! We see to it that our students get into a college or university. In fact, ALL PGILA students are either attending, just graduating from or preparing to go to a university now!

Beyond teaching our students how to earn high scores on the TOEFL iBT, we use the test to teach our students the study skills needed to do well while attending a college or university. After all, it doesn’t help if you are accepted to a major university only to fail out in the first year, right? Earning a high TOEFL score and learning the skills necessary to achieve high grades on homework and exams at university is what PGILA is it’s all about!

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*TOEFL iBT is a registered trademark of ETS, Educational Testing Services, the makers of the test whom we have no affiliation with.

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