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Copyright: <a href=''>cteconsulting / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Welcome to PGILA where the main focus on raising our students' test scores is for the purpose of earning scholarships!!  Everyone knows that the rise in education costs is skyrocketing, and the need for scholarships is more important now than ever! While the government is offering students loans with no ability to pay them back, we are offering a way to earn thousands of dollars in scholarships the old fashioned way: through raising SAT or ACT test scores. The SAT and ACT are the two tests that universities and colleges use for admissions and scholarship qualification, and therefore must be a student's main focus right now. Over the past few weeks many students have gotten their SAT or ACT scores back and waking up to the reality that being an excellent student isn't good enough and that these tests aren't so easy to do well on. For some, scoring well on their test was their best hope for entering a good college or university because of the need for scholarship, and today they are wondering what they will do with their future. Don't let them sit on your couch, and don't allow them to give up on their dreams! Receiving low test scores is not just a matter the cost of retaking the test, it's the LOSS of TIME!! The more time you wait, the more likely your son or daughter will give upon themselves. Don't Wait! Sign them up for classes with us today! At PGILA, we understand every aspect of being parents and helping our children get the education that will enable them to live prosperous and successful lives. Our proprietary methods have proven to raise a student's ACT or SAT test scores to scholarship level, and they will work for you too! It never ceases to amaze me how parents call me the weekend before the test date to prepare, but by then it's TOO LATE! It takes 30 days of practice to prepare!! The classes are not that long, but your son or daughter needs time to practice them to raise his or her test scores significantly, so DON'T WAIT!! Through experience, we have learned that the best success comes from taking two 2 hour classes a week for four weeks, with independent practice between classes.  The next SAT and ACT dates are approaching fast, so call today!

* We give FREE genuine ACT and SAT diagnostic tests to determine exactly what your son or daughter needs to significantly raise their score.

* We offer flexible schedules to suit your individual needs.

* We offer group pricing with classes of 2 – 4 students to reduce the cost to you. (larger group sizes available upon request)

* We come to your home for your convenience.